Signs of Switzerland

Whenever I come back to Switzerland, all those “very Swiss things” catch my attention and conjure a smile on my face. Signs of a well-organized and thought-through system, full of options and opportunities. With a little something for everyone. Full responsibility for and trust in each and everyone, even the dogs. For a harmonious together,Continue reading “Signs of Switzerland”

A little closer to heaven

I walk. I stop. I look up at the house front. I read. House inscriptions. In the canton of Berne still common. Particularly in reformed villages, I learn from Robert Tuor’s extracts available on the internet. Some are painted while others are carved into wood. Some are in German while others in local dialect. SomeContinue reading “A little closer to heaven”

Light a fire

A new year, a new place. Aeschi. A small village at the foot of the Alps. A terrace, panoramic views. A new year, new opportunities. Daily walks. Feeling nature; the cold, the rain, the snow, the mist, the sun, the fresh air. Winter. Total contrast to the tropics. Fresh outside, warm inside. I light aContinue reading “Light a fire”

With all senses

The market experience not only hits your nostrils. Once you arrive in your kitchen with a basket full of fresh ingredients, the touch while washing and cutting, then the smell while cooking and finally the taste while eating will create your wholesome experience. The process of cooking is enjoyable and creative, it is trying outContinue reading “With all senses”

About the market and padaek

Going to the market is my (almost) daily routine – ok, kind of a routine, as it is every time a new experience – different smells, new herbs, other seasonal fruits or vegetables. It is about discovering with all the senses, continuously. The smell experience from my last Saturday’s market visit was shaped by aContinue reading “About the market and padaek”

Relaxing days on Koh Mak, Thailand

Quiet days on an empty beach Discovering natural beach arts made by shells and corals Like little treasures along the beach   Rainy days in change with sunny days, blooming flowers everywhere Reading, chatting, eating and relaxing in a beautiful bungalow of the warmly run place called Big easy Walks into the sunset, how wonderful and pleasant thoseContinue reading “Relaxing days on Koh Mak, Thailand”

Small change – big impact

After I’ve been learning, practising and enjoying motorbiking for a few months, it was time for a change – time for a bicycle. This choice immediately converted me from one of the many motorbikers in Pakse into one of the few cyclists in town. Unexpectedly, it also gives me every day spontaneous sympathy and smilesContinue reading “Small change – big impact”

Ban Kiet Ngong – Observing life in the wetlands

A woman with the typical straw hut comes my way. Already a few metres before our paths cross, she smiles at me and says “Pai sai?” – Where are you going? “Pai Ban Kiet Ngong – to the village”, I respond. Now we stand on the same altitude, we stop and get into a niceContinue reading “Ban Kiet Ngong – Observing life in the wetlands”