Less is more


What to do on a cold and misty December day? Writing x-mas cards, walking down the memory lane of the year or tiding up the basement. The latter was my principal activity over a weekend. Most of my belongings are currently in a basement, waiting to be brought back to use and life. But since my kind of nomadic lifestyle continues, I will not use them. So I try to find people who could use one or the other thing and bring things back to the second hand store, where many things will easily find a new owner.

It’s a process, it started 1.5 years ago when I moved out of my flat. A first big chunk of things was given back to where I’d gotten it years ago – to the second hand market. About half a year ago, I did another triage, and even though some of the things were strongly tied to memories, I managed to give them away more easily this time. It’s always interesting to see, that some objects can have such a subjective value. The third time, even more things found the way out of the basement and may have already found new use and life. It astonished me, to some extent, that this is a longer process, at the same time it feels so good to have less and less material belongings. I checked out a few blogs on the topic and came across people who reduced their belongings to 100 pieces! Yes, unbelievable, considering how easily I would carry 20 items in a hand bag when walking to the university…seems definitely very ambitious to me…or a woman who made it down to 230 items….both confirmed that this a process, step-by-step…inspiring…

If there are more misty and cold December days, the tiding process will continue…freeing up space in every sense…

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