2 Winter hikes around Lucerne – “above the clouds”

Stockhütte – Klewenalp (2-2.5 hrs) I venture into a new area. I take a train and bus to a small village called Emmetten, I jump on a small cable car. On the ride uphill, we cross the “fog barrier” as we would call it. Amazing! From greytones into the light, the blue, the white andContinue reading “2 Winter hikes around Lucerne – “above the clouds””

Best wishes from sunny Switzerland

These last couple of days of the year are always a good opportunity to look back before heading confidently into a new year. I am most grateful for all the people who shared – in one or the other way – a part of my journey in 2015. THANK YOU!!! A journey that took meContinue reading “Best wishes from sunny Switzerland”

Photo story: The Spirit house

This beautifully decorated miniature temple is the house of the spirits. You can find it outside or inside almost every home and business in Laos. People belief that they share their space with the spirits and ancestors and that it is best to keep them happy by making daily offerings of incense, food or flowersContinue reading “Photo story: The Spirit house”

Photo story: Beauty salons in Pakse

Hairdresser, beauty salon, barber shop…nine I counted along my street. And many more in town. They capture my attention. Doors are open all day long. While I ride on my bicycle, I look left and right and catch a glimpse. A glimpse of a colorful decoration. A smile of a friendly hairdresser when I askContinue reading “Photo story: Beauty salons in Pakse”