Leaving the winter retreat

There was winter and suddenly it felt like spring. Time to leave my winter retreat. It was a good time in a warm place. In the mountains, in nature. Simple, refreshing. Sunny, snowy, stormy, grey and rainy days or the full program in just one day. Like weather. Constant is change. Change is constant. AContinue reading “Leaving the winter retreat”

Signs of Switzerland

Whenever I come back to Switzerland, all those “very Swiss things” catch my attention and conjure a smile on my face. Signs of a well-organized and thought-through system, full of options and opportunities. With a little something for everyone. Full responsibility for and trust in each and everyone, even the dogs. For a harmonious together,Continue reading “Signs of Switzerland”

A little closer to heaven

I walk. I stop. I look up at the house front. I read. House inscriptions. In the canton of Berne still common. Particularly in reformed villages, I learn from Robert Tuor’s extracts available on the internet. Some are painted while others are carved into wood. Some are in German while others in local dialect. SomeContinue reading “A little closer to heaven”