A little closer to heaven

I walk. I stop. I look up at the house front. I read.

House inscriptions. In the canton of Berne still common. Particularly in reformed villages, I learn from Robert Tuor’s extracts available on the internet.

Some are painted while others are carved into wood. Some are in German while others in local dialect. Some aim to send out good wishes to those who pass by while others ask for protection and god’s blessings, or decorate with inspiring global wisdom or aphorisms and others reflect the owner’s love for the own country.

Maybe it’s also the altitude (around 900 metre over sealevel) – but I would say, a little closer to heaven.

House 1: A sunny spot, a cosy little home, a future in peace, this shall be our way.

House 2: For cheese and butter, thank God.

House 3: God and peace, the house’s decoration, only these bring you happiness and blessings.

House 4: Each and everyone who passes by is on the way to eternity. God bless you, stay well longtime, come by again.

House 5: On a beautiful spot of this world I’ve built this house, but never should it come out of my mind that I am only a pilgrim here.

House 6: God protects the house from storm and fire and everybody who goes in and out

House 7: We build here for this moment, but God for eternity.

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