With all senses

The market experience not only hits your nostrils. Once you arrive in your kitchen with a basket full of fresh ingredients, the touch while washing and cutting, then the smell while cooking and finally the taste while eating will create your wholesome experience.

The process of cooking is enjoyable and creative, it is trying out new things, getting inspired by what you read or hear or tried out in a restaurant or simply by what you brought home from the market today. And then, trying to find out how to best combine and prepare it. That’s the moment where the eye helps choose the combination, the colors. What color has your dish today?

If you expect now some pictures from a cooked frog, I have to disappoint you…smile…here are some shots of vegetarian Lao-Thai-Fusion dishes. Get inspired, create and enjoy your own wonderful homemade Sunday dish!

3 thoughts on “With all senses

  1. Liebe Franziska das geht ja wirklich sehr oft ums Essen bei Deinen Laos-Blogs….muss eine verführerische Küche sein. Würd mich freuen, wieder einmal etwas von Dir zu hören … wenn Du denn (je?) zurück bist in der nassgrauen, kalten Schweiz (brrrr….)

    1. Hallo lieber Rolf, schoen, dass du noch ab und zu in den Blog schaust 🙂 hoffe, es geht dir gut und dein Projekt laeuft. Ja, ich war da wirklich grad auf einer Art ‘food wave’ 🙂 jetzt gibt es dann wieder ein paar neue Themen. Ganz lieber Gruss, Franziska

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