Red kite over Bern’s old town – magic pure!

I love those moments just like now – sitting on my balcony, looking into the sky, putting my face into those heart-warming spring-sunrays and just being – right here, right now! Such moments hold so much beauty and nice surprises – today, a red kite on the sky! Over the roofs of the old townContinue reading “Red kite over Bern’s old town – magic pure!”

rue de l’avenir – road to the future

Last Sunday, I ventured into a town called La Chaux-de-Fonds, the cradle of the Swiss watch production industry. It is cold and snowy, streets are empty. All shops, restaurants and caf├ęs are closed. I seem to be the only person walking around and discovering a town with UNESCO status. I admit, yes, it is notContinue reading “rue de l’avenir – road to the future”