what’s in a number

Lately, I started exploring a bit the world of numerology and discovered that it has some playful and interesting aspects. For example, the name of my town BERN expressed in a number of the Pythagorean system is 3. This number stands for creativity, joy of life, initiative and pleasure and related to the town, it also said that it would likely have especially nice cafés, bars and places to be as well as a big variety of events, exhibitions and plays and that its inhabitants would understand to enjoy life and like to exchange and inspire new ideas among each other.

Maybe you could argue that these characteristics of Bern apply to many places but for me it is very much the overall “tone” of this town.

What does your place of living stand for? What do you like about it? What does it feel like to live in that place?

In any case, for now, I very much look forward when all the wonderful cafés, restaurants and bars will be allowed to open again to offer their space to continue to inspire exchange and new ideas among the people in town. Creativity is omni-present, many of the places adapted their offer to take-away (incl. drive-in take away) and delivery and they use the social media channels to stay connected to the local people and to support each other in those challenging times.

What is your relationship and affinity with numbers? Do you have a lucky number? A number, that makes you feel good and connected?

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