Transsib – from Moskow to Irkutsk

To travel on the Transsiberian Train from Moscow to Irkutsk (Lake Baikal) was lovely. For the more than 5000km it takes about 3.5 days. I was travelling second class which means sharing a compartment with another three travellers which was always interesting. Often I was joined by European tourists, but also by Russians (where theContinue reading “Transsib – from Moskow to Irkutsk”

Berlin and Moskow

“Priwjet” from Moscow! I have just started my first Russian language studies to hopefully soon being in a position to read the kyrillic letters and use some words in the day to day on the streets and on the train. People here have been very friendly and helpful, there was always someone who spontaneously offeredContinue reading “Berlin and Moskow”

Capanna Soveltra & Piatto Forte

I had the chance to work for a week in the most wonderful Capanna Soveltra and was lucky enough to be there for the first edition of a series of Piatto Forte of the Radiotelevisione Svizzera Italiana. The transmission will take place on September 11 at 5pm, repetition on September 12th at 11am >> PiattoContinue reading “Capanna Soveltra & Piatto Forte”

A little bit of poetry

Sometimes I was a bit inspired out there 😉 Find some poems in its original language (I sometimes feel and think in different languages…) 1. About Nature “It is all there, we only have to appreciate it.” Ever taken the time to observe nature? Looked at a flower, a bee or butterfly very thoroughly? IContinue reading “A little bit of poetry”

The lost billy goat

What is so beautiful about travelling or being on the road are definitely “Begegnungen”. Encounters. Meeting people. Experiencing nature. Crossing path with animals. Sometimes finding yourself. During the 28-hiking-days-experience I was cherished with wonderful encounters. And this time, animals definitely left an impression on me. There was the goat. I heard it crying in theContinue reading “The lost billy goat”