Red kite over Bern’s old town – magic pure!

I love those moments just like now – sitting on my balcony, looking into the sky, putting my face into those heart-warming spring-sunrays and just being – right here, right now!

Such moments hold so much beauty and nice surprises – today, a red kite on the sky! Over the roofs of the old town – magic to me!

And, did you know? The Red kite stands for changing perspective (especially gaining a good overview and the big picture, looking at things from above), for transformation and self-love?

Have you zoomed out already today?


rue de l’avenir – road to the future

Last Sunday, I ventured into a town called La Chaux-de-Fonds, the cradle of the Swiss watch production industry. It is cold and snowy, streets are empty. All shops, restaurants and cafés are closed. I seem to be the only person walking around and discovering a town with UNESCO status. I admit, yes, it is not the perfect weather and time to do so – it could be more pleasant. For me, however, to still a bit of the wanderlust that I feel and with a saying in my pocket (“Just put yourself into the rain. Maybe you will bloom.“)*- it’s perfect.

After the small tour in town, I go into nature for a winter hike through forests and fields. Fresh air, snow, silence then the whistle of a stormy wind. black and white landscapes. I feel like a lonely wolf until a cross-country skier reminds me that I am on his slope – he is far and wide the one and only person in the area. At first, it irritated me slightly as I saw more than enough room for both of us in such a wide landscape. While taking further steps through the snow, I relaxed and smiled at myself – maybe it was just a way to connect in these rough weather conditions and in a lonely and wild landscape. 😉

*Sich einfach mal in den Regen stellen. Vielleicht blüht man ja auf. (the original text – it is a title of an article in a magazine that I kept).

what’s in a number

Lately, I started exploring a bit the world of numerology and discovered that it has some playful and interesting aspects. For example, the name of my town BERN expressed in a number of the Pythagorean system is 3. This number stands for creativity, joy of life, initiative and pleasure and related to the town, it also said that it would likely have especially nice cafés, bars and places to be as well as a big variety of events, exhibitions and plays and that its inhabitants would understand to enjoy life and like to exchange and inspire new ideas among each other.

Maybe you could argue that these characteristics of Bern apply to many places but for me it is very much the overall “tone” of this town.

What does your place of living stand for? What do you like about it? What does it feel like to live in that place?

In any case, for now, I very much look forward when all the wonderful cafés, restaurants and bars will be allowed to open again to offer their space to continue to inspire exchange and new ideas among the people in town. Creativity is omni-present, many of the places adapted their offer to take-away (incl. drive-in take away) and delivery and they use the social media channels to stay connected to the local people and to support each other in those challenging times.

What is your relationship and affinity with numbers? Do you have a lucky number? A number, that makes you feel good and connected?

the mobile standing desk

these days at home. at home in the office. at home in my own restaurant. at home in my library. at home in my bnb. at home in my yoga studio. at home in my wellness oasis. at home in my small attic room with a view. at home in my café. at home in my music box. at home.

a time to invent, re-invent, re-cycle, re-use, re-duce. a time to reflect, re-connect and re-discover. time.

room for inspiration and for getting inspired. room for dreaming big when the world seems small. room for kindness and mindfulness. room for less while at the same time for more.

moments of gratitude. of curiosity. of hope. of joy. of uncertainty. of the unknown. moments of magic.

in the small things I find beauty.

the little things become so wonderful – the smile and a short chat of a not well known woman I meet during my lunch walk. snowflakes falling from the sky. a message from a friend with a personal music play. the opportunity to see friends and family for winter walks. or for a spontaneous dinner in a small round which starts feeling again like the first time going out in teenage times – special and precious.

*the mobile standing desk inspiration comes from SWICA – thanks a lot for the hint! 🙂

What’s in a word?

*Allegra! The “hello” of the small mountain village called Sent in the eastern part of Switzerland where they still speak the seldom language of Romansh. During my one-week stay, I adapted to these local circumstances, I started to greet in the streets with “Allegra”. This word was magic, I realised that it has something uplifting and provokes a smile on my face.

I started to experiment a bit with other languages’ “hello” – and every attempt revealed different feelings in the body and on the face. Just by the tone of voice! Have you ever experimented a bit with that?

In any case, if I were still in this village today, you would see someone walking with a smile on the face through the streets in hope to meet someone to use the magic word 🙂

*according to Wikipedia: Allegra is the short version of the original “Cha Dieu ans allegra!” (English: may God delight us).

A fresh start

Today. is the day.

Fresh. like the snow that is falling from the sky while I type those words. A start. A re-start. What was burried for some time, is back and wants to become alive again. Writing. that’s it! A creative way of expression.

How do you nurture and live your creativity? What does it mean for you to be creative? What does it feel like when you are in a creative process?

When I think about it, well, there are unlimited ways of being creative! Aren’t we all creative beings, anyway? So there is no doubt that each of us has it’s very own talents to be creative. Have a fresh look at your life and discover your creativity!

A colourful view into the new year

Today is a dark and rainy winter day. I am inside and put up some beautiful nature sound. I brew a coffee and dream into the new year that has just started.

I grab some magazines from last year and start to look for inspiring text elements, colourful pictures and let the collage emerge. I enjoy the process, to create from what is already around. It has become a way to me to illustrate and remind myself of important values and the little things to be aware of that make life even more colourful. Something for my heart and feelings.

How do you start into a new year? Do you have any specific ritual? Do you visualize your values, dreams and goals? And if so, how do you do it?

Wishing you a wonderful start into a new year that is full of 365 (or today still 352) new opportunities and new beginnings – every day is a new day! 🙂

With love,




Walking through the forests in awe

The forest is a wonderful place to recharge and gain new perspectives. It is a peaceful place. A place of magic. Fascinating. A place where many different trees and pkants and animals co-live and -create the space.

I enjoy the forest moments. The woods inspire me. Get inspired, too! 🙂

Leaning on tree and looking up into its crown:

Magical “wow” moment when the sun meets light mist and shines into the woods:

Can you still recognize the forest through all the trees?

Trust your intuition and the signs of nature to go your own way…

Wishing you wonderful moments in the woods!

Monday morning inspiration

Over the past two years, I have started to pay more attention to the little things on my way, during walks and travels.

And by doing so, I learned that when you start being more aware, you will notice that certain forms, shapes and symbols can be seen in many objects and be discovered in many places and moments. I decided to focus on one specific form. Magically, I find it increasingly often everywhere. And since I smile everytime I see it, it has become a special little magic of my everyday life.

Wishing you beautiful discoveries along your way!

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From the heart

A new season – a new opportunity

A new season offers a great opportunity for a new start. Our beautiful nature reminds us of the fact that the constant change brings new energies and opportunities to (re-)start all over again. To bring something new into this world.

Trees bring new colours into our lives, the air brings fresher breezes, the light becomes softer, the days shorter and the nights become slowly longer again. Autumn stands in front of our doors.

After a sunny and warm summer outdoors, the first fresher temperatures today provoke a sense for more indoor activities slowly taking seat over the coming weeks and months.

An opportunity for the continuation of my blog. But, What do I really want to bring into the world through this blog? A question that goes round in my mind since a while. And while I am searching here and there, I realise that all is here already. No need to search so far. Life is a journey. With every step that we take, the journey unfolds. Step-by-step. This blog is a means for me for creative expression.

What I like to share with you:

  • simple and beautiful things from the day-to-day;
  • thoughts, questions and reflections from and about life;
  • travel tips and experiences;
  • discoveries in my surroundings and in nature;
  • links to other blogs, posts and websites that I find inspiring.

What is at my heart? 

Mindfulness, love and connection to nature, gratefulness, living lightly (in the sense of “Angels can fly because they take themselves lightly” – C.K. Chesterton), a sense of feeling alive (of which adventure and travels is part of for me), peace and a little bit of slowness in a fast paced world.

Welcome, autumn!