What’s in a word?

*Allegra! The “hello” of the small mountain village called Sent in the eastern part of Switzerland where they still speak the seldom language of Romansh. During my one-week stay, I adapted to these local circumstances, I started to greet in the streets with “Allegra”. This word was magic, I realised that it has something uplifting and provokes a smile on my face.

I started to experiment a bit with other languages’ “hello” – and every attempt revealed different feelings in the body and on the face. Just by the tone of voice! Have you ever experimented a bit with that?

In any case, if I were still in this village today, you would see someone walking with a smile on the face through the streets in hope to meet someone to use the magic word 🙂

*according to Wikipedia: Allegra is the short version of the original “Cha Dieu ans allegra!” (English: may God delight us).

One thought on “What’s in a word?

  1. What a nice reflection! I experience similar feelings in Ticino by greeting peolpe on my walks through nature with “Salve”, even though I can’t avoid childhood memories to emerge, when I used to read Asterx&Obelix 😊

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