What is your story?

This week’s course inspired me to think about intercultural encounters. Something that luckily happens very regularly in my life and makes it so rich. Meeting human beings with a different cultural background always triggers this curiosity in me. It allows me to wonder, about myself, about the others, about the mind and perceptions, about theContinue reading “What is your story?”

Photo story: The Spirit house

This beautifully decorated miniature temple is the house of the spirits. You can find it outside or inside almost every home and business in Laos. People belief that they share their space with the spirits and ancestors and that it is best to keep them happy by making daily offerings of incense, food or flowersContinue reading “Photo story: The Spirit house”

Photo story: Beauty salons in Pakse

Hairdresser, beauty salon, barber shop…nine I counted along my street. And many more in town. They capture my attention. Doors are open all day long. While I ride on my bicycle, I look left and right and catch a glimpse. A glimpse of a colorful decoration. A smile of a friendly hairdresser when I askContinue reading “Photo story: Beauty salons in Pakse”

ກາເຟ ລາວ – Lao Coffee

When talking about culinary experiences in Southern Laos, we can definitely not miss out to mention the Lao coffee and tea from the Bolaven Plateau. Since more than 100 years, the rich volcanic soils of the Bolaven provide an ideal climate for Arabica and Robusta coffee to grow. Though, Lao coffee is still relatively littleContinue reading “ກາເຟ ລາວ – Lao Coffee”

About the market and padaek

Going to the market is my (almost) daily routine – ok, kind of a routine, as it is every time a new experience – different smells, new herbs, other seasonal fruits or vegetables. It is about discovering with all the senses, continuously. The smell experience from my last Saturday’s market visit was shaped by aContinue reading “About the market and padaek”

About the papaya tree

Do you remember the papaya tree in front of my window? It is bearing the first fruits. And it is growing. Growing towards new heights, not far out of reach anymore. Soon I may harvest a fruity breakfast…in case the papayas are not grabbed before for the delicious and spicy papaya salad called “Dam MakContinue reading “About the papaya tree”

Small change – big impact

After I’ve been learning, practising and enjoying motorbiking for a few months, it was time for a change – time for a bicycle. This choice immediately converted me from one of the many motorbikers in Pakse into one of the few cyclists in town. Unexpectedly, it also gives me every day spontaneous sympathy and smilesContinue reading “Small change – big impact”

Ban Kiet Ngong – Observing life in the wetlands

A woman with the typical straw hut comes my way. Already a few metres before our paths cross, she smiles at me and says “Pai sai?” – Where are you going? “Pai Ban Kiet Ngong – to the village”, I respond. Now we stand on the same altitude, we stop and get into a niceContinue reading “Ban Kiet Ngong – Observing life in the wetlands”

Rainy season – Green season

Almost in time with the official start of the European summer, the so-called rainy season reached Pakse in Southern Laos. This doesn’t sound like a big thing but still impressive what chain of changes this provokes. The landscape receives a times greener outfit – plants and trees are lusher. The rice starts growing in whatContinue reading “Rainy season – Green season”

Impressions from Don Khong and Khone Pha Pheng – Southern Laos

Philippe, a French-Lao hotel manager on Don Khong, invited me to discover his island and the biggest waterfall in South East Asia – Khone Pha Pheng. Let me share some impressions with you: On the way to the island Walking and discovering the island Colourful flowers on the way Fishermen throwing their nets artistically LocalContinue reading “Impressions from Don Khong and Khone Pha Pheng – Southern Laos”