Right into spring – Spiez, Bernese Oberland

After exactly seven months, I arrived healthy and with my heart full of a new and unique experience back to Spiez. After an “india-style” cab drive to Naples central station (taking over from the right, the left, crossing streets with red-light and entering one-way streets… 😉 , I boarded the train on the very lastContinue reading “Right into spring – Spiez, Bernese Oberland”

From Singapore to Naples on a cargo vessel

Eighteen days on the sea, from Asia back to Europe. A unique experience. We’ve gone through the straits of malacca, the andaman sea, the indian ocean, the arabian sea, the gulf of aden, the suez channel and the mediterraean sea. All went very smoothly, no big storms, no big waves. So it allowed me toContinue reading “From Singapore to Naples on a cargo vessel”