About me

In Summer 2013, I started into a new chapter of life – leaving everything behind and opening up to something new – without knowing exactly what it would be. It reveals to be such a rich experience, it allowed me to explore the world at its fullest during 4 years – inside out. After of what I called the “modern-nomadic-lifestyle” years, it was time for me to settle. In Bern, a beautiful town in Switzerland. And can’t almost believe, soon, it will be 4 years living in the same place. Yet, many things continued to move me and flow while living a “normal life”.

And, exploring worlds and life remains part of my journey, wherever I am. So here I am again in this virtual space, ready to share a little bit of my world of

  • what inspires me,
  • what touches me, and
  • what makes me feel and come alive.

I invite you to join me on the journey of life and look forward to your thoughts and ideas.

With love,


About viafranziska

There is a long-distance hike through the Swiss Alps called “Via Alpina”. That’s how I thought a new chapter in life would start in summer 2013 – with a one month foot journey. However, weather conditions called for a change of plans concerning the route. So instead of starting somewhere in the North East of Switzerland, I started in the sunny Southern part, free from any predefined route. Where every day’s march was created under my feet, step by step, day by day – every morning I decided over the next hiking destination (sometimes with the help of recommendations from the kiosk lady, the baker, the hut guardians or any other local people I met along the way). viafranziska was born…and with it the name of this blog.

Enjoy each and every step of the journey of life!

10 thoughts on “About

  1. So, auch Rita hat dich gefunden… ich bin stolz auf dich… soll die vereinte kvt-liebe dich auf deinem weg begleiten… wir lesen alle mit und freuen uns mit dir… und tragen dich in unseren herzen… take care and read you soon….

    1. Da schliesse ich mich an! Die KVT-Fraktion ist da und liest mit! Wow, wie spannend und gleichzeitig wie befreiend mitzulesen, obwohl die Schnecke Biene wiedermal viel zu spät posted:). Bin in Gedanken bei dir! Bis bald

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