Autumn promenades

Aren’t sunny weekends in autumn just perfect for beautiful promenades – along rivers, through forests and discovering towns and landscapes. And the good thing about promenades is that you don’t have to go far, you can simply start in front of the house and see where you get. From the doorsteps, my favourite walk takesContinue reading “Autumn promenades”

Indian flavour in Switzerland and Czech Republic

The last weeks were filled with re-encounters and conversations with people I have met earlier this year in India. There is Philippe who came all the way from France with his 1987 Renault converted into “simple maison roulante” to Switzerland. It is an inspiring Renault dominated by Philippe’s motto of “simplicité”, an example for keepingContinue reading “Indian flavour in Switzerland and Czech Republic”

Singapore and Hong Kong

Diving into a different world, the world of big cities. Millions of people sharing a smallest piece of land, nestling high up in the towers. Like birds. Viewing the bay or the hill side. In order to avoid getting lost in the busy streets. Streets that during the day are taken by cars, buses and cabs and peatons. In the night, someContinue reading “Singapore and Hong Kong”

Reflections from the “Blue mountains”

A recent email from a friend of mine inspired me to share this reflections with you, my dearest readers. He asked whether I was telling all that was to tell in the blog, whether I have no complaints, no issues with the stomach and if I am not missing the Alps or other things fromContinue reading “Reflections from the “Blue mountains””

A little bit of poetry

Sometimes I was a bit inspired out there 😉 Find some poems in its original language (I sometimes feel and think in different languages…) 1. About Nature “It is all there, we only have to appreciate it.” Ever taken the time to observe nature? Looked at a flower, a bee or butterfly very thoroughly? IContinue reading “A little bit of poetry”