the mobile standing desk

these days at home. at home in the office. at home in my own restaurant. at home in my library. at home in my bnb. at home in my yoga studio. at home in my wellness oasis. at home in my small attic room with a view. at home in my café. at home in my music box. at home.

a time to invent, re-invent, re-cycle, re-use, re-duce. a time to reflect, re-connect and re-discover. time.

room for inspiration and for getting inspired. room for dreaming big when the world seems small. room for kindness and mindfulness. room for less while at the same time for more.

moments of gratitude. of curiosity. of hope. of joy. of uncertainty. of the unknown. moments of magic.

in the small things I find beauty.

the little things become so wonderful – the smile and a short chat of a not well known woman I meet during my lunch walk. snowflakes falling from the sky. a message from a friend with a personal music play. the opportunity to see friends and family for winter walks. or for a spontaneous dinner in a small round which starts feeling again like the first time going out in teenage times – special and precious.

*the mobile standing desk inspiration comes from SWICA – thanks a lot for the hint! 🙂

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