Rainy season – Green season

Almost in time with the official start of the European summer, the so-called rainy season reached Pakse in Southern Laos. This doesn’t sound like a big thing but still impressive what chain of changes this provokes.

The landscape receives a times greener outfit – plants and trees are lusher. The rice starts growing in what now are water paddies. And there is the mighty Mekong, the river presents his new colour (brown) and new size – sandbanks, small islands and beaches are swallowed by the masses of water.

The temperature has dropped by about ten degrees to acceptable 25-35 degrees. This also means a new quality of sleep – no more air con, no more fan – just opening the windows and letting in the fresh air and listening to the rain drops falling on neighbour’s corrugated iron roof. Even during the day, there is little need for fan or air con.

And, while I open the window in my bedroom, I look at the papaya tree that seems to have higher goals and may soon reach the window and, maybe, serve his fruits – with a few more rains…we shall see.

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