About the papaya tree

Do you remember the papaya tree in front of my window? It is bearing the first fruits. And it is growing. Growing towards new heights, not far out of reach anymore. Soon I may harvest a fruity breakfast…in case the papayas are not grabbed before for the delicious and spicy papaya salad called “Dam Mak Hung” are known in Thailand as “Som Tam” – a salad of shredded green papaya and a bit of shredded carrots, mixed with garlic, lime juice, fish sauce (or without), tomatoes, peanuts and obviously, a handful of chilies. An adventure for the taste.

But not only the tree grows, also the mighty Mekong River becomes bigger and bigger. It definitely leaves and impression on me. Regularly I make a small excursion to see how the Mother of Waters, the Mekong, is doing and where it stands. Yesterday, I climbed again up to the Golden Buddha Phou Salao to enjoy the fantastic evening light. On the way back I was blessed with a wonderful sunset from the long Japanese bridge spanning 1,380m over the Mekong.

Enjoy the impressions.

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