What is your story?

This week’s course inspired me to think about intercultural encounters. Something that luckily happens very regularly in my life and makes it so rich. Meeting human beings with a different cultural background always triggers this curiosity in me. It allows me to wonder, about myself, about the others, about the mind and perceptions, about the world. It allows me to question my own culture, find differences and things in common and to look at things from a another viewpoint. Have you ever wondered about your own culture and others’ cultural background?

The first stories that are still very vivid are The story of the frog , the 10-day-experience with the nomad family in Mongolia – Zwischenstopp bei einer Nomadenfamilie (attached text in German only for the moment) and the Sea men’s life.

What is your story? What beautiful, inspiring, astonishing or refreshing and changemaking intercultural encounters bring a smile back onto your face?

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