Moving on and on


Here I am again, ready for a new series of blog posts. I hope you are ready too?!? I have to admit, it was quite a long writing break although, I continued travelling and moving on, so to say I haven’t really stopped  – I’ve been to Copenhagen for a few days with a friend, to different places in Czech during a one-month-visit of a travel acquaintance, I’ve hiked again and crossed parts of Swiss Alps from Bernese side to Valais sleeping under the stars, I spent some days in Zurich with friends and more days in Spiez with my family. The latter is where I am right now, for another couple of days, I have just arrived from a four days stay in a beautiful alp hut with goats, cows and pigs…You may wonder, as much as I do –  modern nomad forever?

Galsan Tschinag, a Mongolian writer and nomad has some beautiful reflections about what it means to him: “To be a nomad is an attitude. It means to live in harmony with the world and with the universe. Finally, we are all nomads who move in time and space. But most importantly, I am human – this is my most important key insight to life.” 

Beautiful words, indeed, in the end, we can be anything but there is something very basic we share, we are all human beings. We all move, in different rhythms and maybe (or maybe also not) for different reasons, for example, to move forward, to expand our horizon and for our further development, to leave for a while the day-to-day social constructs and spread the wings, diving into new cultures and learning about different social orders. It’s all important, so it is to be aware and grateful for our own roots and values while we move on.

I wish you a wonderful Sunday!



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