Singapore and Hong Kong

Diving into a different world, the world of big cities. Millions of people sharing a smallest piece of land, nestling high up in the towers. Like birds. Viewing the bay or the hill side. In order to avoid getting lost in the busy streets. Streets that during the day are taken by cars, buses and cabs and peatons. In the night, some of them become the nest of those who did not find their place in one of the towers. For whatever reason, for whatever lifestory.

No lifestory resembles another. Finding diversity, diversity in peoples’ experiences. While discovering similarities, similarities in that we all have to overcome difficulties and deal with changing circumstances and to find opportunities in the challenges of life. Bruce Lee, for example, even after 40 years since his death, still an inspiration for many given his charisma as kung fu hero, cultural icon and spiritual leader. He was able to look at life as an art, or in his own words “I am actualizing myself daily to be an artist of life.” How about if we are these artists, artists of our own lives, if we see it as such an opportunity to express ourselves creatively in whatever we do? Then we could probably all subscribe Bruce Lee’s words “To hell with circumstances; I create opportunities.”

I like the idea of being the artist of my life. It is so colourful.

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