Indian flavour in Switzerland and Czech Republic


The last weeks were filled with re-encounters and conversations with people I have met earlier this year in India. There is Philippe who came all the way from France with his 1987 Renault converted into “simple maison roulante” to Switzerland. It is an inspiring Renault dominated by Philippe’s motto of “simplicité”, an example for keeping things simple and practical and so you would not find anything in the van that would not fulfil this requirements and yet, nothing is missing – there is a bed, a kitchen, table and chairs, and even an electrical shower with minimal water usage (2-3 litres are enough) can be installed in a minute including a curtain between the doors to guarantee privacy 😉 The water in the plastic bag is naturally heated up during the day behind the front window. I am sure he could get a patent for it. I tried it out and it was great.

In four days we travelled from Fribourg via Bulle, Gruyère, Rougemont, Zweisimmen, Wimmis, Einigen, Spiez, Interlaken, Brienz, Meiringen, Grimselpass, Obergoms, Bellwald, Brig, to Sion. A beautiful route with stunning sceneries, valleys and mountains, lakes and rivers. Philippe was particularly interested in the buildings and the construction style which differs according to the region. We had sunny days and always found a nice spot to cook our lunch (once on the edge of a soccer field behind the goal – if there were a game we would have enjoyed high-class seats ;)) and quiet locations with fantastic views to spend the night – the last night was with best view to the famous Matterhorn. Since the bed was not really big, I decided to sleep in the cockpit. It became kind of my own room. It almost felt like sleeping in a glass house with view to the stars and with best position to catch the first sun rays of the rising sun in the mornings.

From Sion he went back to France while I headed towards the north-east, to Prague, by train and bus. There, I met Suchetas, a wonderful monk from Southern India, from Kerala, who was in Czech for some days to talk to people and hold some workshops. He started his sessions with a touching chanting of wonderful mantras ( He explained, for example; the true meaning of Tantra* (a word that is often wrongly interpreted in the western world); why it is makes sense to be vegetarian; and responded to other questions of the participants. Then he guided through a meditation and gave the following instruction: “Just half an hour in the morning and evening with some breathing and remaining in meditation that takes us to silence will radically change our life. It is also important to change the lifestyle, to withdraw from unwanted activities that take away our energy and to choose the right company, for example.”

If someone is interested in a first experience, there is a meditation workshop on 19th October in Zurich > Meditation_Workshop_October_19

*Basically, a Hindu or Buddhist mystical or magical text, dating from the 7th century or earlier; adherence to the doctrines or principles of the tantras, involving mantras, meditation, yoga, and rituals.

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