A little bit of poetry

Sometimes I was a bit inspired out there 😉 Find some poems in its original language (I sometimes feel and think in different languages…)

1. About Nature

“It is all there, we only have to appreciate it.”

Ever taken the time to observe nature? Looked at a flower, a bee or butterfly very thoroughly? I mean really looked at it as it was something totally new to you? Isn’t it a little wonder? It is there for us to be discovered.

2. Hommage an das Wasser

Wie Adern fliesst das Wasser

über die Berghänge runter

um sich mit anderen Bächen zu einen

oder ein Seelein zu bilden

Adern des Lebens

Adern der Schöpfung

Adern der Berggötter

Wasser ist Leben.

3. El presente

Estoy en la tierra o

ya en el cielo…?!

A veces hay momentos, segundos de momentos, instantes,

donde todo se funde y queda el presente,

la magia del presente.

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