Photo exhibition

Photo exhibition – Fotoausstellung_Franziska Eggimann When: 24 and 25 May 2014, 11am-6pm Where: Heubühne, Gstell 4, 4919 Reisiswil,+reisiswil&oe=utf-8&client=firefox-a&channel=fflb&ie=UTF-8&ei=aApiU4ilNovHtAa0pIG4CQ&ved=0CAgQ_AUoAQ The “Heubühne” is where the farmers use to store the hay, right now it’s empty at my grandma’s place and therefore offers an ideal space for an exhibition. If you come by public transport, you canContinue reading “Photo exhibition”

Right into spring – Spiez, Bernese Oberland

After exactly seven months, I arrived healthy and with my heart full of a new and unique experience back to Spiez. After an “india-style” cab drive to Naples central station (taking over from the right, the left, crossing streets with red-light and entering one-way streets… 😉 , I boarded the train on the very lastContinue reading “Right into spring – Spiez, Bernese Oberland”

From Singapore to Naples on a cargo vessel

Eighteen days on the sea, from Asia back to Europe. A unique experience. We’ve gone through the straits of malacca, the andaman sea, the indian ocean, the arabian sea, the gulf of aden, the suez channel and the mediterraean sea. All went very smoothly, no big storms, no big waves. So it allowed me toContinue reading “From Singapore to Naples on a cargo vessel”

Bali – Indonesia’s island of the gods

After visiting friends in Singapore and Hong Kong, and exploring the big cities, it was time to meet friends in a more quite and “nature-made” place. Bali – the island of the gods was my next destination. What makes Bali so special? Design, architecture and arts – a combination of natural materials, beautiful colours andContinue reading “Bali – Indonesia’s island of the gods”

Singapore and Hong Kong

Diving into a different world, the world of big cities. Millions of people sharing a smallest piece of land, nestling high up in the towers. Like birds. Viewing the bay or the hill side. In order to avoid getting lost in the busy streets. Streets that during the day are taken by cars, buses and cabs and peatons. In the night, someContinue reading “Singapore and Hong Kong”

Last impressions from India before departure

Grasping the moment, grasping the here and now…words can do but pictures can do better, sometimes 😉  Therefore, I have tried to be sharp with my eye and quick with my hand on the camera to share some impressions that continue very present in my mind although they lasted only a few seconds in real.Continue reading “Last impressions from India before departure”

Reflections from the “Blue mountains”

A recent email from a friend of mine inspired me to share this reflections with you, my dearest readers. He asked whether I was telling all that was to tell in the blog, whether I have no complaints, no issues with the stomach and if I am not missing the Alps or other things fromContinue reading “Reflections from the “Blue mountains””

Multiculturality in Kochi – Kerala

          Intensive intercultural encounters already started in the train from Bangalore to Ernakulam. It was a very nice evening in our compartment. Sharing the journey with a Spanish woman, a French man, a Swiss couple and two Indian men. We were chatting, playing the violin, listening to our co-travellers songs from his phone, teachingContinue reading “Multiculturality in Kochi – Kerala”