Bali – Indonesia’s island of the gods

After visiting friends in Singapore and Hong Kong, and exploring the big cities, it was time to meet friends in a more quite and “nature-made” place. Bali – the island of the gods was my next destination.

What makes Bali so special? Design, architecture and arts – a combination of natural materials, beautiful colours and pure lines. Estetics that simply make you feel good. Then there was again an omnipresent spirituality – daily offerings to the gods which meant beautiful flowers along a path or in front of a door or in any of the temples. The natural light was special too and made rice paddies shine in different shades of green and coloured evening heavens in various shades of red. Food was delicious and healthy – lots of vegetables, tropical fruits, tofu, tempe (made from soja), sprouts and rice.

And then there was this beautiful and quiet home of my friends, like a retreat, a space to relax and recharge and exchange experiences and ideas. The gods of the island meant it well with me. Thank you!

It’s the people we meet and with whom we share that make a place really special. Therefore, my next post will be dedicated to them.

3 thoughts on “Bali – Indonesia’s island of the gods

  1. Das tönt schön, Fränzli… chönnti o grad bruche 😉 Dänke a di und fröiemi uf di!! Vili Küsslis vo mir…

  2. Franziska: Thank you for letting me dream again of this Island of the gods after almost 43 years since my visit there. Next Tuesday my trip takes me only to Zollikerberg. See you soon! Love Rosa.

  3. Franziskita, gracias por la inspiración… cada vez que escribes algo en tu blog, me convences más que lo tuyo es la escritura y la fotografia 🙂 sigue disfrutando de esta extraordinaria y enriquecedora aventura

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