Multiculturality in Kochi – Kerala


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Intensive intercultural encounters already started in the train from Bangalore to Ernakulam. It was a very nice evening in our compartment. Sharing the journey with a Spanish woman, a French man, a Swiss couple and two Indian men. We were chatting, playing the violin, listening to our co-travellers songs from his phone, teaching English to the French and I was translating wherever it helped for the understanding and conversation. Very happy, I arrived to the next city where I took the ferry together with two others to go to Kochi or Fort Cochin. It was a beautiful ride over the waters in the while the day was waking up and the sun was rising.


I found a very nice little apartment with a small balcony and coconut-palm-view. The perfect place to stay for a little bit longer. It has been ten days since I am here and it has been wonderful. So much to discover – history (the Portuguese, the Dutch and the British left their footprint) – religions (mosques, catholic churches, hindu temples, a sinagogue and a jain temple can be found within only a few streets away from each other) – food (from very spicy south indian dishes, to sweet ones as a combination of coconut and rice powder, creole-like food which reminds me of some places in South America and more European-style salads and vegetables and cakes) – and the day-to-day of the people (feels like a little village).


After many months of travelling and moving on, this feels like a perfect place to continue discovering the rich Indian culture while remaining at the same place; hanging out in nice cafes, chatting with locals, watching sunset at the beach with hundreds of Indians, reading, writing, teaching English, practicing yoga and meditation, cycling around in my own secondhand-bicycle. I am happy. Be happy 🙂 

3 thoughts on “Multiculturality in Kochi – Kerala

  1. hello franziska, retour maison depuis ce matin, je lis ton blog en anglais et je comprends… au delà des mots, quel est ton mail et celui de philippe, j’aimerai continuer à communiquer avec vous… je vous embrasse fort fort fort. Mon téléphone plouf dans l’eau remarche!!!

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    1. Dear Jayme,
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