From Singapore to Naples on a cargo vessel

Eighteen days on the sea, from Asia back to Europe. A unique experience. We’ve gone through the straits of malacca, the andaman sea, the indian ocean, the arabian sea, the gulf of aden, the suez channel and the mediterraean sea. All went very smoothly, no big storms, no big waves. So it allowed me to see about 15 sunsets and 10 sunrises; I’ve seen all shades of blue of the waters; I’ve seen dolphins (sooo beautiful!!!), whales (so wonderful!!!), a turtle (majestic!!!), flying fishes (always made me smile).
There were three wonderful passengers who shared the trip with me and 23 lovely crew members (mainly from the Philippines and a few team leaders and the captain from Germany, plus one Polish team leader). We shared wonderful and interesting moments, most of the crew members also gave me great insights into their day-to-day and what it means to be a seaman; “seaman’s life is like a journey, full of excitement and danger” and “honestly, I like the job but I miss my family”.  It is obviously a big sacrifice when it comes to the social life when working 6 months on a ship before getting back home for a few weeks vacation before the next trip comes up again. But apart from being a dream, the job allows them to contribute to the wellbeing of their families back home and for the future of their children, an important motivation factor to many.
Another enriching and unforgettable experience on my journey. A big THANK YOU to my fellow travellers Horst, Hans and Barbara as well as to the crew of the Hanjin Lisbon!

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