Last impressions from India before departure

Grasping the moment, grasping the here and now…words can do but pictures can do better, sometimes 😉  Therefore, I have tried to be sharp with my eye and quick with my hand on the camera to share some impressions that continue very present in my mind although they lasted only a few seconds in real.

Elephants – one on the main road when I was travelling in a taxi, on the same road an elephant on a truck and some days later the elephant in the small road nicely decorated for a religious celebration.

Tee plantations and rice fields – many green shades, difficult to capture on a picture but wonderfully to see with your own eyes.

People and dresses – it’s always a festival for the eyes, women in those wonderful and most colorful sarees.

Sunset – most of the days I have the chance to see sunset and often also sunrise – beautiful moments – who I share with many others who come to this place called Kochi just to enjoy this moment of peace.

Sunday early morning – people are playing, playing football or cricket.

Smiling faces – wherever I go here in Kerala, people and children smile at me and say “hi mam” or “hi madam” and curiously ask “what’s your name?” and “your country?”

Just some impressions, many others have become part of my experience and soon of my memories of three months in India – incredible – India! Nanni – Sukriya – Thank you India!!!

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2 thoughts on “Last impressions from India before departure

  1. Franziska, my dear, I finally worked out how to leave comments! Talk about technology illiterate! Beautiful pictures…and WOW (is all I can say)! Continue with the posts and text me once you are back as I will soon be offline and won’t be checking emails that frequently! I can’t believe how quickly time has flown by!

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