From the heart

When you go for walks, have you ever paid attention to what you meet and see on the way? And, paid attention to how it makes you feel or what it reminds you about? It is actually quite fun to scribble down the discoveries after every walk.

This year, for example, I came across many hearts in many forms and colours. The discovery would always conjure a little smile on my face. And it would mean to me – love, human warmth, life, joy and connection.

4 new destinations

Through my new job, I started to get to know a whole new area – also known as the Balkan region. It is an interesting place with not only a violent history not so long ago, current social challenges due to high migration rates but also a region with wonderful people, great food and a destination for travellers who like to go off the beaten track.

I have worked in Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia (FYROM) and Serbia in 2017 and also travelled between the countries. Although everything seems to be close, travelling takes time, often more time than estimated. Since flight connections between the countries are not so good, road travels are a reasonable alternative with the additional benefit to see the landscape.

What was your new destination in 2017? What destination are you dreaming of for 2018?

Below a few pictures from my days in Tirana, Sarajevo, Skopje and Belgrade:


Last week, spontaneously, it came to my mind that I have received encouragement from many women along my life journey. What a beautiful gift!

It started with sports when I was a small girl and also in teenage-times. Later, as part of my professional career, after my apprenticeship and during many further steps up to where I stand today. And also in the field of personal development. It was as if someone is holding a hand when taking a next step into the unknown.

There were also men who believed in me and ecouraged me. The moment I saw all of that I really felt blessed. I wish that I can be such an encouragement for other human beings at the right time as well.

Who has encouraged you on your life journey?

Good luck!

In 2017, I was very lucky – I found a beautiful new place to live, a nice office and a lovely team, a new role in a new professional challenge.

I was also lucky during my travels (>2 months this year) – due to an almost slight crash which delayed us on our way to a meeting we got to a money transport robbery just a few minutes after the shootings took place. Second lucky moment (guardian angel was around) was during a takeover by car when suddenly traffic increased and our driver almost pushed another car from the lane – luckily for all of us and both cars – all went well – but it’s just in a moment where things could look differently.

And finally, I found all these little signs (see photos below) during my walks that gave me confidence that I am on the right way 🙂

I wish you good luck for the rest of 2017 and for the entire 2018!!!


Four years ago, I spent an unforgettable time in Capanna Soveltra and a beautiful friendships still accompany me since then, although I didn’t make it back there for quite some time now. Always in my heart, I was shocked this autumn to hear that this wonderful mountain hut took fire.

The Capanna Soveltra team was very sad – watch the video “it hurts” to gain some impressions. They are also strong and ready to reconstruct an even more beautiful hut, they say. I am happy to hear that and I am ready to support their efforts. Now the Capanna is in a winter retreat and in spring the reconstruction would start. I will engage in fundraising activities – on the website below you can find all banking details – in case you want to donate something for a good thing in 2017/2018!

More information about the reconstruction of the mountain hut:

This article could also interest you:

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As a guardian at Capanna Soveltra


I dedicate this first day of this new and last month of 2017 to being grateful.

Over the past years, I have started to integrate a daily practice on gratefulness into my life. It works very well for me to take a moment in the morning and another moment in the evening before falling asleep. Obviously, also a spontaneous “wow” and “thank you” during the day is allowed 🙂

Today, I am heartfully grateful for my family and friends and every human being that I meet on my way. Openness, love (unconditioned) and intimacy bring about beautiful connections.

What are you grateful for today?

2 Winter hikes around Lucerne – “above the clouds”

StockhütteKlewenalp (2-2.5 hrs)

I venture into a new area. I take a train and bus to a small village called Emmetten, I jump on a small cable car. On the ride uphill, we cross the “fog barrier” as we would call it. Amazing! From greytones into the light, the blue, the white and the yellow from the sun. A real breakthrough 😉 Sunglasses on and as we arrive to Stockhütte I jump off and start the winterhike. And, for this, I let the photos speak for themselves…

From Klewenalp I take a cable car down to Beckenried. A beautiful way to finish the day is to take the boat back to Lucerne. That makes it a real round trip in any sense of the word.

Mount Rigi (version end of December still without snow…)

The 360 degree views from Mount Rigi are spectacular. And the options to climb the mountain are manifold; you can even get carried uphill by a cable car from Weggis to Kaltbad and hike from there to the top, or arrive by boat to Vitznau and take a train get off at any stage of the mountain you like. 
My favorite routes (so far): 

1) Taking the boat in Lucerne to Vitznau, hiking all the way up (1.5-2hrs) to Felsentor and walk down to Weggis (1.5-2hrs) to jump on the boat back to Lucerne. 

2) Taking the boat from Lucerne to Vitznau, taking the train up to Felsentor and climb to the top of Mount Rigi (2.5-3hrs). Then down again by train to Vitznau and by boat back to Lucerne.

Note: For all those hikes you need proper shoes and with snow I even recommend snow shoes and walking sticks. Enjoy beauty of nature!

Impressions from a winter walk around Rotsee

In the first days of this new year, I did some beautiful hikes and walks around Lucerne. And it reminded me of how much I love to climb mountains and undertake walks to discover and appreciate beauty of nature. 

What do you love to do? Has it already the place it deserves in your life? If not, how do you want to better integrate it?

The contrasting black and white and the different shades of grey impressed me while circumnavigating the Rotsee (red lake) in Lucerne area. Enjoy some of the photos taken with my mobile phone:

People who made a difference this year

The days are becoming shorter and shorter. So is the year. A good opportunity to start looking back on 2016. An intensive and enriching year for me. Where to start? Inspired by Sabrina Gundert’s blog post, I started writing down names of women and men who made a difference in my life this year.

  • First and foremost, my parents. They are always there, they give me a strong foundation and stability thanks to their wellbeing, joy of life and their unconditional love.
  • People who opened the doors to their homes: Monika&Ueli (Aeschi & Ascona), Jasmine (Zurich), Christine&Mario (Zurich),  Rosetta (Gantrisch), Dao&Markus (Lucerne).

I had the opportunity to connect to new people thanks to the digital world that lead to interesting and enriching virtual sessions, collaborations and exchanges:

  • Anne-Kerstin Busch – Journalling Challenge (21 days), creative Inspirations for every day, closed Facebook Group Exchange; during my study time in Zurich.
  • Katrin Zita – Read 3 books she published and decided to get in touch with her, ending up with 3 fun and inspiring skype sessions while I was in Ascona.
  • Franziska Beerle – Seminar “Climb the love tree” and 3 enriching phone calls that helped to change the perspective in relationship matters but also of life in general.
  • Petra Prosoparis – Vision Camp (21 days), inspiring daily tasks and closed Facebook Group Exchange, during my first days in Lucerne.
  • Katrin Schwind – Coaching to write a Laos reportage for a Magazine while I was in Ascona.
  • Rita S. – Coaching to get my own unique Story rightly reflected in my CV during my study phase in Zurich.

Then there are those wonderful human beings, that accompany me since a long time and I truly appreciate their presence in my life: My grandma, my aunties, my Cousin, my brother, my “ladies” – Rita, Simone S., Sabine, Simone L., Christine, Janine, Susi, Caterina. And those relationships that made it through my 3.5 years “on the road” with Zeenath, Dave, Arthur, Anaïs, Nala, Matthias, Marco&Lisenka, Rich and those who came on board during those past years – Malgosia&Joko, Petr, NADEL students and teacher, new work colleagues in Laos, Switzerland and Europe, Dancers in Locarno, Dr. Bhole, Philippe…

And then there are all those People I haven’t mentioned and those who’s names I even don’t know – people who shared a smile, a conversation or a silent Moment while our paths crossed.

Surprisingly, it has become a long list for this year. I am sooo grateful, truly grateful! THANK YOU for bringing so much Color into my life!

-> Who made a difference in your life this year?