Walking to forests and viewpoints

This year was not about big hikes but filled with countless walks in the surroundings of my new place of living.

Mainly, in search of nature, forests, rivers and viewpoints, I discovered many places and found some peaceful spots.

  • Rivers: Regularly upstream and downstream river Aare and along the river Sense.
  • Trees and forests: From the botanical garden to Elfenau I found beautiful old trees, crossed forests of Gurten, Bantiger and Ulmizberg.
  • Best viewpoints in and around Bern: Münster (incl. Münsterplatform), Kleine Schanze, Bundeshausterrasse, Kornhausbrücke, Rosengarten, Gurten, Bantiger, Ulmizberg.

Today was one of the highlights, just started walking as if I would go up Gurten but then took the unknown roads and found myself on Ulmizberg with a stunning winter-sunset-view 🙂

On the way down on a small street while it was getting slowly dark and colder, a car stopped and a young man asked me whether he could take me somewhere. Yes! To the next public transport, that would be wonderful. And so I got a ride and a nice chat. Lucky me! Thank you dear driver! 🙂

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