About nature’s potential – A Sunday reflection

It’s Saturday and I walk through the Botanical Garden not far from my home. I always enjoy it. It is a peaceful place and also a place to discover and observe nature – trees, bushes, plants, flowers and animals. I come to a small little pond. It is almost empty, just a few brownish short cut stems. The photo I took last summer comes to my mind. And, it triggers in me a feeling of astonishment, of wonder – out of what seems nothing right now will grow a lotus flower over the coming months. Even the potential is not visible that is inherent to this plant. Amazing! Nature’s potential to create is simply extraordinary!

On the Sunday walk, I go through a forest up to mount Gurten. Big trees are on the ground, uprooted or with broken trunks. I am impressed! This is the result of a winter storm, of nature’s force to destroy.

These walks remind me of nature’s potential to create and destroy. To become and dissolve. To change (even landscapes), to grow, to learn and to heal.

How did your walk inspire you today? What did you discover?




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