4 new destinations

Through my new job, I started to get to know a whole new area – also known as the Balkan region. It is an interesting place with not only a violent history not so long ago, current social challenges due to high migration rates but also a region with wonderful people, great food and a destination for travellers who like to go off the beaten track.

I have worked in Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia (FYROM) and Serbia in 2017 and also travelled between the countries. Although everything seems to be close, travelling takes time, often more time than estimated. Since flight connections between the countries are not so good, road travels are a reasonable alternative with the additional benefit to see the landscape.

What was your new destination in 2017? What destination are you dreaming of for 2018?

Below a few pictures from my days in Tirana, Sarajevo, Skopje and Belgrade:

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