Discovering Bern

Moving to a new place always offers so much to discover. This year was full of moments of wondering around in the streets, parks and surroundings of Bern.

Bern is charming. Many beautiful romantic nature spots such as the botanical garden, Elfenau/park cafe, Zehendermätteli, Gurten, Rosengarten, Münsterplattform, kleine Schanze, to name just a few from my new ‘repertoire’.

Bern offers countless nice and cosy cafes for different ‘gustos’. I particularly enjoy Wartsaal, Lesbar, Volver, Stauffacher, Effinger, Cafe Fleuri, and Ängelibeck. And then there are those cafes that are still to be discovered.

On the cultural side, I went for a dance performance to Dampfzentrale and danced at Salsaare. I went to Zentrum Paul Klee, Museum of Arts, to the Cinematte and to openair events such as Buskers.

And while walking to work I started observing a bird I haven’t seen before – beautiful, small, agile and an excellent diver. My curiosity asked google for help and I learned that it was a white-breasted dipper (Wasseramsel).

What did you explore and discover this year? What are you up to next year?

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