2 Winter hikes around Lucerne – “above the clouds”

StockhütteKlewenalp (2-2.5 hrs)

I venture into a new area. I take a train and bus to a small village called Emmetten, I jump on a small cable car. On the ride uphill, we cross the “fog barrier” as we would call it. Amazing! From greytones into the light, the blue, the white and the yellow from the sun. A real breakthrough 😉 Sunglasses on and as we arrive to Stockhütte I jump off and start the winterhike. And, for this, I let the photos speak for themselves…

From Klewenalp I take a cable car down to Beckenried. A beautiful way to finish the day is to take the boat back to Lucerne. That makes it a real round trip in any sense of the word.

Mount Rigi (version end of December still without snow…)

The 360 degree views from Mount Rigi are spectacular. And the options to climb the mountain are manifold; you can even get carried uphill by a cable car from Weggis to Kaltbad and hike from there to the top, or arrive by boat to Vitznau and take a train get off at any stage of the mountain you like. 
My favorite routes (so far): 

1) Taking the boat in Lucerne to Vitznau, hiking all the way up (1.5-2hrs) to Felsentor and walk down to Weggis (1.5-2hrs) to jump on the boat back to Lucerne. 

2) Taking the boat from Lucerne to Vitznau, taking the train up to Felsentor and climb to the top of Mount Rigi (2.5-3hrs). Then down again by train to Vitznau and by boat back to Lucerne.

Note: For all those hikes you need proper shoes and with snow I even recommend snow shoes and walking sticks. Enjoy beauty of nature!

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