Best wishes from sunny Switzerland

These last couple of days of the year are always a good opportunity to look back before heading confidently into a new year.

I am most grateful for all the people who shared – in one or the other way – a part of my journey in 2015. THANK YOU!!!

A journey that took me from Czech Republic, to Laos, to Cambodia and Thailand, and via India back to Switzerland. The journey was rich in experience from a professional as well as from a personal and intercultural point of view. I learned a lot about the others but even more about myself.

I am very grateful for a dream come true with the project experience in Laos. When such a dream becomes reality its colour does not always remain rose, luckily, it takes all colours including sometimes the dark ones.

Last but not least, I am very grateful for a healthy year, something that cannot really be bought, something we may sometimes take for granted but suddenly we realize how vulnerable our body and mind can be.

I wish you a healthy, content and inspiring 2016!!!

From sunny Switzerland, Franziska

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