A new season – a new opportunity

A new season offers a great opportunity for a new start. Our beautiful nature reminds us of the fact that the constant change brings new energies and opportunities to (re-)start all over again. To bring something new into this world.

Trees bring new colours into our lives, the air brings fresher breezes, the light becomes softer, the days shorter and the nights become slowly longer again. Autumn stands in front of our doors.

After a sunny and warm summer outdoors, the first fresher temperatures today provoke a sense for more indoor activities slowly taking seat over the coming weeks and months.

An opportunity for the continuation of my blog. But, What do I really want to bring into the world through this blog? A question that goes round in my mind since a while. And while I am searching here and there, I realise that all is here already. No need to search so far. Life is a journey. With every step that we take, the journey unfolds. Step-by-step. This blog is a means for me for creative expression.

What I like to share with you:

  • simple and beautiful things from the day-to-day;
  • thoughts, questions and reflections from and about life;
  • travel tips and experiences;
  • discoveries in my surroundings and in nature;
  • links to other blogs, posts and websites that I find inspiring.

What is at my heart? 

Mindfulness, love and connection to nature, gratefulness, living lightly (in the sense of “Angels can fly because they take themselves lightly” – C.K. Chesterton), a sense of feeling alive (of which adventure and travels is part of for me), peace and a little bit of slowness in a fast paced world.

Welcome, autumn!



3 thoughts on “A new season – a new opportunity

    1. Dear Ronald, thanks so much. Good observation. Yes, I somehow feel that I find a new balance again in life, especially in these days – maybe even related to the fact that there is a balance between day and night that can positively influence us. I also wish you balanced days!

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