Monday morning inspiration

Over the past two years, I have started to pay more attention to the little things on my way, during walks and travels.

And by doing so, I learned that when you start being more aware, you will notice that certain forms, shapes and symbols can be seen in many objects and be discovered in many places and moments. I decided to focus on one specific form. Magically, I find it increasingly often everywhere. And since I smile everytime I see it, it has become a special little magic of my everyday life.

Wishing you beautiful discoveries along your way!

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2 thoughts on “Monday morning inspiration

  1. I so agree with you. The more aware you are of your surrounding nature, the more inspired you tend to be.
    I too end up figuring out various shapes and figures every day. 🙂

  2. Authentic!
    Thanks for the great inspiration 🙂 and the nice picture!
    I will start paying attention to something else 😉

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