My first 21-day journaling challenge journey

Today is the last day of a 21-day-diary-challenge. It happened by chance – or however you wanna call it – I can’t even remember how I found the website but I definitely remember that it just felt like the right thing to click and subscribe and give it a go to unlock some hidden creative potential – who knows?!

Every morning I received an inspirational task – choosing a beautiful diary and pen, writing with my favourite song, creating a collage and use is as a base for writing, bringing a fantasy journey to paper, using the idea of changing the role to look at a personal challenge, writing in my favourite café, new ways for writing inspiration (nature, wisdom, random opening of a book etc.), freewriting, 3-morning-pages and writing how I did or could creatively manage an unexpected situation in everyday life.

All those little tasks brought lightness into the days. Some challenges that were present in my mind (due to my current situation – exams ahead, searching for a new home and a new job and new love – basically a very soon-to-begin new phase in life) turned into opportunities or simply disappeard through the writing process. What a valuable experience! I learned some new techniques and got some new ideas and I hope you enjoyed the first of a series of “A story of change”.

A big THANK YOU to the challenger, Anne-Kerstin Busch, and the participants!





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