A story of change: The shoe saleswoman.

It is Monday, one day before my first formal job interview after a long time. I am in Zurich and go to that particular shoe shop called “Peter & Vreni“. I’ve known it since my past years in the city and somehow always liked it. I am confident that I will find the right shoes for that important moment tomorrow. I stroll the shelves, grab a few pair of shoes, sit down on a beautiful bench and try on the first ones. I walk a few steps to pose in front of the mirror and while I head back to the bench, a saleswoman comes my way. While I sit down again to try on the next pair, we get into a conversation about…feet. After I briefly mention that my choice of shoes should be in line with my slight halux, I must have hit the point – she gets into “her” field of expertise and experience and tells me her story of change: She used to have so-called hammer toes. It was in her 50s when she realised that she wanted to be a healthy person even at a higher age. Taking care of her hammer toes seemed natural to her and a challenge she was willing to take on at that moment in time. She tried out different things but what most helped her were the five fingers (aka barefoot shoes) and exercises for an upright posture. She shows me her exercise – she does it with such an elegance that I can recognise a content smile shining on her face. I continue to observe her. She has beautifully arranged and carefully chosen her clothes, her haircut, the make-up and shoes that perfectly fit her dressing. She continues to sparkle and ends with the conclusion, that she is and feels much more healthy now in her 60s than back in her 50s and her hammer toes are on the best way to become normal toes.

In the meantime, I have also tried on the five fingers and am convinced of the benefits but somehow they don’t fit my imagination of a proper shoe for my job interview 😉  Still, I find the comfy and elegant shoe I was looking for and the confirmation, for my own efforts and tender-loving-care for my feet (daily massage, toe exercises and walk a lot barefoot).

What made her change happen and how/what did she do:

  • A conscious decision to take care of herself
  • A vision of her health in future
  • Action: Trying out different tools, working with her body and mind
  • Observing results and celebrating success
  • Sharing her experience



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