New horizons?! >>> Summer break

Dearest reader,

It’s been exactly 3 years since I embarked on my viafranziska-journey! Amazing!

First and foremost, thanks so much for being part of it – it touches me to see that people from all over the world come across my blog and appreciate pictures and texts and accompany me in that way on my life’s journey.

I will now take a summer break before I start into a new phase – with my life and blog alike.

But not without a grateful review of enormously enriching experiences and encounters with people all over the world – family, friends, colleagues, strangers and new friends. It’s kind of overwhelming, overwhelmingly beautiful, beauty I’ve found all along the way. Here’s my little mindmap with key milestones and insights:

Mindmap - 3 years experience

And since it all started in Zurich three years back and today I stand here again in Zurich just before I take a summer break (and packing my bags again) – it seems like a circle is complete. Enjoy today’s summer impressions over the roofs of Zurich.

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