Happy New Year from Bangalore

Best wishes for a wonderful and happy 2014 to all of you, dear and loyal readers!

Although, we are already some days into the new year, I believe it is never too late to send you good wishes and share impressions from far away. So here we go. Enjoy the short video taken in the Mahatma Gandhi Road in crowded Bangalore.

It was amazing! I’d never expected it as the New Year as per Gregorian calendar is not the “real” new year here in India’s South.  Basically, they celebrated with the world and all of us 🙂

Some interesting observations in the streets:

  • At least 95% were men
  • Average age was max. 25
  • According to press release about 700 police officials were present
  • Several 10’000 people celebrating in the streets
  • Decibel record!

We got home safe with an auto rickshaw. It was a real rallye, amazing! Our driver was in his element and on the road people stuck their heads out of their cars to wishing us a happy new year. It was lots of fun, my best auto rickshaw drive ever 🙂

In Bangalore, I was also able to meet friends I haven’t seen for some years. I knew them from my former job. It was wonderful that they could make time so spontaneously to sharing wonderful moments and delicious food in great atmosphere. A warm thank you to Karthik, Supriya, Keerthi and her husband! Keep in touch 🙂

I hope you have all started well into the new year and I wish you wonderful moments with friends and family throughout 2014!



One thought on “Happy New Year from Bangalore

  1. Huhu Fräni, obwohl ig leider ds Video nid cha luege :-(, wünschi dir natürli o nume ds beschte für ds 2014! Es faht ja schomau mega spannend a bi dir :-)…. I hoffe, du erläbsch no viu schöns und spannends uf dire Reis und chömsch när gsund und muter wider hei. Es git da 4 Froue (natürlich nid nur, aber vorauem…), wo mit gfüllte Gleser uf di warte und gärn mit dir aastosse, sobaud du wider im Lendle bisch :-)… Mir fröie üs uf di!! Häb dr ganz fescht sorg und gniesses :-)… Liebschti Grüesslis Rita

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