Merry X-mas from India


Exactly one month ago, I arrived to colourful India and it has been an amazing experience so far. Everyday is intense in its own way. A good friend says “one thing a day, not more”. Completely opposite to what I often try back home where the motto is rather “as many things as possible in a day”. This is just one example for a 180 degrees change of logic. Everything here follows a different way of thinking, things definitely work but differently. It’s India. At the moment I think that no words can reflect the true experience.

But still, I would like to share the last night. It was wonderful. I’ve been in Udaipur for the last ten days and together with a new travel companion, we were invited from a new friend for dinner in his family’s home in the countryside. On the way, we stopped for a while in a beautiful hindu temple, then enjoyed a typical Indian dinner with the family (moslem) and on the way home stopped at a christian church. Isn’t it wonderful? All these religions in peace, there is room for all of them, there is freedom and liberty for everybody’s own beliefs. In the end, isn’t it about love and spiritual qualities in life?

May your X-mas days be filled with love and happiness!

I am grateful for the encounters and experience, off now to a xmas party…

Namaste from India

2 thoughts on “Merry X-mas from India

  1. Liebe Franziska, es ist immer wundervoll deine Reise-berichte zu lesen und sich von dir in andere Welten entführen zu lassen. Dir ein fröhliches und gesegnetes indisches Weihnachtsfest, liebe Grüsse, Britta

  2. Merry Christmas to you too Franziska! Beautiful pictures and stories on your travels. Looking forward to meeting you in Bangalore.


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