Ban Kiet Ngong – Observing life in the wetlands

A woman with the typical straw hut comes my way. Already a few metres before our paths cross, she smiles at me and says “Pai sai?” – Where are you going? “Pai Ban Kiet Ngong – to the village”, I respond. Now we stand on the same altitude, we stop and get into a niceContinue reading “Ban Kiet Ngong – Observing life in the wetlands”

Rainy season – Green season

Almost in time with the official start of the European summer, the so-called rainy season reached Pakse in Southern Laos. This doesn’t sound like a big thing but still impressive what chain of changes this provokes. The landscape receives a times greener outfit – plants and trees are lusher. The rice starts growing in whatContinue reading “Rainy season – Green season”

Impressions from Don Khong and Khone Pha Pheng – Southern Laos

Philippe, a French-Lao hotel manager on Don Khong, invited me to discover his island and the biggest waterfall in South East Asia – Khone Pha Pheng. Let me share some impressions with you: On the way to the island Walking and discovering the island Colourful flowers on the way Fishermen throwing their nets artistically LocalContinue reading “Impressions from Don Khong and Khone Pha Pheng – Southern Laos”

Adventure around Champasak – Don Daeng

For my little weekend adventure, I go to Miss Noy’s shop and rent a motorbike. Helmet on and off we go. The streets in town are almost empty, it is Sunday morning. I am heading out towards the south. First rains at the end of the dry season have started to convert the rice fieldsContinue reading “Adventure around Champasak – Don Daeng”

First impressions from Pakse – Southern Laos

Since a week I am in Pakse, a small town in Southern Laos. It’s a warm place. The thermometer reaches 35°. It’s summer, dry season. In the morning and evenings a wonderful wind blows some refreshing air over the roofs of the town. It’s located between the Mekong and the Sedone river. Green hills decorateContinue reading “First impressions from Pakse – Southern Laos”

Saturday morning in Vientiane, Laos

From winter into summer or in other words, from Switzerland to Laos. Changing the warm porridge for breakfast for a plate of tropical fruits. Stepping into the ballerinas instead of the warm boots. Leaving the woollen pullover for linen and cotton cloth. Putting the sunglasses on and ready for a stroll through the streets ofContinue reading “Saturday morning in Vientiane, Laos”

Autumn promenades

Aren’t sunny weekends in autumn just perfect for beautiful promenades – along rivers, through forests and discovering towns and landscapes. And the good thing about promenades is that you don’t have to go far, you can simply start in front of the house and see where you get. From the doorsteps, my favourite walk takesContinue reading “Autumn promenades”

Danke, liebe Besucher – thank you, dear guests!

Um die 70 neugierige Besucher! So schön! Ich bedanke mich bei allen Menschen, von nah und fern, für ihren Besuch und die damit verbundene Reise an meine Ausstellung auf der Heubühne in Reisiswil. Ein grosses Dankeschön geht auch an meine liebe Grossmutter, meine Eltern und die Verwandten und Freunde, die mich in der einen oderContinue reading “Danke, liebe Besucher – thank you, dear guests!”