Easter road trip in bella Italia

I hop on the train and off we go. Destination Modena, Italy. I am visiting a friend for Easter. We both like travelling, spontaneaously, intuitively. And so are our days. As I arrive, we start with a wonderful late dinner with some of her friends in a traditional restaurant in the hills. Great service. You can literally feel the love for Italian food that owners and guests share. Next day, after breakfast we decide – mountains or the sea? Sea. Sun. Sand. A proper “caffe” espresso, some gasoline and here we go. With a little sense of freedom.

We stop at a beautiful piadina bar in the middle of the salt works before we go for a sunset visit. As it is not really the salt producing season, we particularly enjoy the sunset atmosphere and observe the elegant flamingos and other birds. After a lovely dinner in Cesenatico, we walk along the beach and enjoy the moment of a moon reflecting in the sea.

The next day we explore the small port and the picturesque historical centre of the town with its channels. The sun is shining, it is a lovely day to stroll the little streets and discover a spot’s enchantment. A homemade “gelato” crowns my day. The afternoon brings us to the next destination – Ravenna – where cultural, historical and religious aspects stand in our focus. The town has many old churches with unique mosaics, it all goes very well hand in hand to remind the Easter days. We return to Modena where we started our little journey with some beautiful impressions, wonderful shared moments and well nourished by fantastic food.

Thanks, dear Cate! Hasta la proxima!

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