Four seasons: Spring feelings in Zurich

Everything is waking up. Nature. People. Children. Ideas.

More light, more energy. It is a special time of the year. Grey and brownish tones of the landscape change for shiny green and colorful garden and meadows. People add to their dark shaded winter dress a few more color splashes. A rather grey Zurich becomes colorful. People smile, walk, talk, kiss and some sail on the lake.

Birds sing, children play. Families make the first outdoor barbeque. Garden beds and terraces are being prepared. The bench gets the sunset spot. It is an awakening atmosphere. Contagious.

What’s the beginning of spring brining to you? Are there suddenly new ideas or projects, new perspectives? Long-cherished dreams coming to the surface? Follow the thread, it can bring new opportunities.

I wish you inspiring and blooming spring days!

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