Sabaidee Pi Mai 2558 – Happy New Year 2558!

Back into the future!? Laos and other Buddhist countries in South east Asia have just welcomed the New Year with a three-day-celebration. On the road this meant to get completely wet by flying water bombs, pots of water thrown over or by water sprinkled out of pipes. It also meant days with loud music – let’s call it outdoor discotheques and outdoor karaoke – accompanied by thousands of litres of Beer Lao, the local beer. The more traditional and original rituals though took place in the temples. During the first day, the Buddha figures were moved from their original shrines to a little chapel where they were washed and sprinkled with water by the people during day two. On day three, the Buddhas were brought back to their original place. Reborn.

Being mainly on the road, exploring the Bolaven on motorcycle, I got blessed by water many times. I definitely enjoyed more the water from the waterfalls than from the people on the road…still, it was an experience. Find some pictures of the motorcycle trip in the Bolaven, the highlands of Southern Laos.

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