Berlin and Moskow

“Priwjet” from Moscow!

I have just started my first Russian language studies to hopefully soon being in a position to read the kyrillic letters and use some words in the day to day on the streets and on the train. People here have been very friendly and helpful, there was always someone who spontaneously offered his/her english knowledge and if not hand and feet and a smile helped, too 😉 Which was definitely worth a lot, I could even get tickets to the ballet. It was fantastic, moscow romance ballet accompanied by tschaikovsky music – what else?!

Moscow is definitely a megacity, everything is big and broad – buildings, streets, cars, metro stations. History and modern life are omnipresent and make it an interesting mix. At the same time it is quite straight forward to move around and find your way, it is always very lively and until late people walk in the streets or take the metro. I’ve seen some of the city attractions in these two days and will add some pictures.

Before getting to Russia, I spent some days in Berlin and Berlin area. First, I’ve met a friend in the Spreewald area, a beautiful lake and forest area and I could have a last swim in a lake and cycle through the forests before autumn weather hit Berlin. Then I checked out some places in the city – but there is soooo much to do and see…a three-day-visit is definitely to short to dive in but good enough to get a flavor and remind myself of the history again. Definitely, an interesting and inspiring place that also stimulated my philosophical side – big questions came up: What will my generation’s contribution to the world be? Or in other words, what kind of world are we creating today for tomorrow? Are we creating a peaceful world?

I had the chance to live in the home of artists and so also learned something about this scene in Berlin. All along the way, I’ve already met interesting and very friendly and open people and so it was already such a good start for my trip. Everybody encouraged me in my travel plans, how wonderful. Thanks to all the strangers who became friends or companions, even if it was for a short moment.

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2 thoughts on “Berlin and Moskow

  1. It’s very interesting to read all about your adventures. I guess you must already be on your way to Mongolei. We shall hear about it. Take care! Rosa

  2. hey my dear cousine, reading your blog it is like being on the trip with you and more, waiting to read more! big hug miriam

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