Transsib – from Moskow to Irkutsk

To travel on the Transsiberian Train from Moscow to Irkutsk (Lake Baikal) was lovely. For the more than 5000km it takes about 3.5 days. I was travelling second class which means sharing a compartment with another three travellers which was always interesting. Often I was joined by European tourists, but also by Russians (where the conversation was more difficult since my vocabulary of the local language was very limited).

It was very lively but also nice to travelling in the rythm of the rails and the train and to experience 3.5 days of flat surface – amazing size of the country and even more amazing – no mountains and rarely a little hill to see! 😉 But beautiful autumn forests in all colours, crossing rivers, small villages and growing cities. Hours just looking through the window, letting pass the landscapes. There was also time for reading (Claudia, I’ve read your book and it was the perfect read on this train, so thanks again), for reflections, for conversations and for coffee breaks in the board restaurant.  

I’ll take you for a few minutes to join me on my journey:…a video to follow as soon as I have resolved some technical issues…

“Ich halte mich still. Trotzdem zieht die Welt an mir vorbei.”

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