Welcome to my blog ViaFranziska!

I’ve made some of you wait quite a bit for this blog to go live but now it’s ready to be discovered and read – so here we go! I am happy to share impressions, insights, thoughts, moments, stories about inspiring people and images with you from my new journey.

It is two months since my last working day at a multinational corporation and I have had a great time so far pursuing some of my dreams and dedicating time to things I love to do. I am very grateful for the opportunity to explore and discover – it is very enriching to meeting people, cultures and spending time in nature and at the same time learning more about life, human beings and finally, about myself.

Use the “follow me” button to get the latest posts to walk with me on this journey. I hope you enjoy the reading and get inspired. I also appreciate your feedback, so please feel free to comment or write me.

Many thanks for your time.

With love,


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