People who made a difference this year

The days are becoming shorter and shorter. So is the year. A good opportunity to start looking back on 2016. An intensive and enriching year for me. Where to start? Inspired by Sabrina Gundert’s blog post, I started writing down names of women and men who made a difference in my life this year.

  • First and foremost, my parents. They are always there, they give me a strong foundation and stability thanks to their wellbeing, joy of life and their unconditional love.
  • People who opened the doors to their homes: Monika&Ueli (Aeschi & Ascona), Jasmine (Zurich), Christine&Mario (Zurich),  Rosetta (Gantrisch), Dao&Markus (Lucerne).

I had the opportunity to connect to new people thanks to the digital world that lead to interesting and enriching virtual sessions, collaborations and exchanges:

  • Anne-Kerstin Busch – Journalling Challenge (21 days), creative Inspirations for every day, closed Facebook Group Exchange; during my study time in Zurich.
  • Katrin Zita – Read 3 books she published and decided to get in touch with her, ending up with 3 fun and inspiring skype sessions while I was in Ascona.
  • Franziska Beerle – Seminar “Climb the love tree” and 3 enriching phone calls that helped to change the perspective in relationship matters but also of life in general.
  • Petra Prosoparis – Vision Camp (21 days), inspiring daily tasks and closed Facebook Group Exchange, during my first days in Lucerne.
  • Katrin Schwind – Coaching to write a Laos reportage for a Magazine while I was in Ascona.
  • Rita S. – Coaching to get my own unique Story rightly reflected in my CV during my study phase in Zurich.

Then there are those wonderful human beings, that accompany me since a long time and I truly appreciate their presence in my life: My grandma, my aunties, my Cousin, my brother, my “ladies” – Rita, Simone S., Sabine, Simone L., Christine, Janine, Susi, Caterina. And those relationships that made it through my 3.5 years “on the road” with Zeenath, Dave, Arthur, Anaïs, Nala, Matthias, Marco&Lisenka, Rich and those who came on board during those past years – Malgosia&Joko, Petr, NADEL students and teacher, new work colleagues in Laos, Switzerland and Europe, Dancers in Locarno, Dr. Bhole, Philippe…

And then there are all those People I haven’t mentioned and those who’s names I even don’t know – people who shared a smile, a conversation or a silent Moment while our paths crossed.

Surprisingly, it has become a long list for this year. I am sooo grateful, truly grateful! THANK YOU for bringing so much Color into my life!

-> Who made a difference in your life this year?

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